Petso Dreaming Show

basically joyful & ordinary poetry


Clown Petso

Emeric Thuret is clown Petso. In his life clown appears with or without red nose, inviting and offering opportunities to meet, laugh and love.

Clown evokes the paradox of deep sadness and joy united. Clown is present. Ordinary and simple. Letting things be, come and go like a mirror reflecting things as they are. Unbearable tenderness. Dancing in the sky's vastness, laughter arises, echoes and disappears.

The art of clown came to Emeric unexpectedly in high school, in France, when his mathematic teacher proposed clown theatre class. Ever since, Emeric has been studying and traveling through graphic school, sociocultural anthropology, circus pedagogy, dance, drawing, meditation and clown.

Selling performance tickets, taking care of children, serving and selling organic food, driving a yellow school bus, dancing, painting, teaching circus, the clown continues to make its journey within.

In his clown, Emeric combines his skills and experience creating poetry within ordinary situations, as a reflection of our common dreams.

His current project, Petso Dreaming Show, arises as an interplay between artistic mediums and what is experienced from a clown's point of view, on the stage and in life.

Offering and sharing genuine art feels meaningful to Emeric, whether it is through clowning, drawing or teaching class.

In his life and work, Emeric is inspired to bring about our natural tenderness, joy and laughter.